Module three – the beginning of a new jouney into the wilderness

Evaluation of an E-Learning Online Pecan Management Course 

Activity 3.1         Learning Styles
What do you already know about your preferred learning styles?


I have actually used e-learning courses within my work at TAFE and also with regards a former adult education workplace. I find in my own circumstance that I prefer to print most of the necessary readings or assessment tasks rather than do the work on line in front of a computer. After having performed the work in hardcopy I then tend to transfer it to the electronic format

What influence will our preferred learning styles have on our e-Learning experiences?


The concept that I initially transfer to hardcopy, perform the work and then transfer any assessment requirements to the electronic format tends to take more time than I would normally perform for the same amount educational gain in a different format

Complete the Learning Styles questionnaire from the following URL
and note your preferred learning styles and suggestions for studying.
Complete the questionnaire and print out your results for further reference.
Make a comment on your weblog – explain how your preferred learning style might be reflected in the layout of your weblog, your approach to learning and what influence it will have on the short course you have selected!

My questionnaire results came out as:

Visual 7

Aural 4

Read/write 9

Kinesthetic 6

These results show that I personally have a preference for paper copy which does not necessarily preclude my use of e-learning’ it just means that I would most likely print information into hard copy and then respond to the subsequent reading online.

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